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Tom O'Brien Heritage Woodworks Managing Partner


Continuing a Legacy for Future Generations

"My passion for the trades and construction industry has been a cherished inheritance passed down through generations in my family. From the first time I picked up a tool, I knew deep within me that this was not just a profession, but a calling that drives me to build a better future."


Managing Partner

Tom is a seasoned tradesman and accomplished serial entrepreneur, with a lifelong dedication to the construction industry. Having grown up in Pennsylvania under the guidance of a prominent real estate development family, he gained invaluable industry knowledge. Relocating to New England expanded his experience, working with renowned companies in the industry and even starring on NECN &  NBC Network's Home Improvement TV series, 'Heart of Oak'. His extensive experience spans the Massachusetts coastline, collaborating with renowned Builders on the North and South Shores of Greater Boston.

Beyond his hands-on work, Tom's influence reaches far and wide. As the former Director of Business Development for the Builders and Remodelers Association of Greater Boston, he showcased his aptitude beyond the field. Currently serving on the Board of Directors and appointed Chair of the Young Professional Council for the regional branch of the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), Tom continues to shape the industry's future.

​Tom's exceptional achievements have earned him prestigious accolades, including the 2019 GOLD PRISM Award: Rising Star of the Year and the 2022 GOLD PRISM Award: Project Manager of the Year, recognizing his outstanding contributions to the Construction and Home Building Industry.


In 2023, Tom signed a contract as a sponsored content creator for TimberlandPRO and has been featured in their merchandise catalog as well as their corporate social media advertising campaigns.

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